We produce Mediterranean starters and appetisers made from food blessed by the earth, wind, water and sun of the South - for the sake of your daily indulgence. Indulgence: ‘…is about giving oneself a treat, about enjoying, relishing and savouring one’s food…about feasting and regaling oneself…about allowing for a little luxury in one’s everyday-life. Indulgence one’s appetites satisfaction but also a gratification, a fulfilment, a satiation and a privilege, an appeasement, an extravagance and a moment of distinctiveness and happiness.’ The world of indulgence is not only about taste. Indulgence is transported by feelings and thoughts associated with a product. Arte di Viva stands for a Mediterranean lifestyle feeling, for healthy food and the memory of beautiful moments spent in the South. Our products offer consumers a large variety of Mediterranean taste experiences. We offer many sorts of olives and olive specialities, exclusive and extravagant products such as grilled fresh fennel, pumpkin or ham and sheep cheese based Involtini (Italian style roulades). Our range also consists of filled products such as tomatoes with cream cheese or rolled Prosciutto (Italian ham) etc. Our target market oriented packaging allows us to offer attractive pack sizes and formats to both, our retail customers as well as to the consumers. We courageously believe in innovation. This also inspirers our customers and enables them to overperform at their points of sale, both within their service counters as on their
shelves. But we do not only create innovative products by following our own
ideas. We work closely with our customers and can develop special ranges
according to specific customer wishes or goals – because we make your wish,
concern or request our challenge.
Arte di Viva